AccuTherm has the heaters for your bio-fuel or low temperature applications. Our high-quality, competitively-priced systems offer industry-leading design and application innovation for your unique requirements. At AccuTherm, we are the application experts, serving the bio-fuels industry with the custom solutions to ANY application.

From superior quality materials to the final product, AccuTherm adheres to a stringent quality standard for our heaters, ensuring optimum performance in your application. The following heaters are used in the bio-fuel industry for numerous low temperature applications:

Dry Well – Pre-Heating and Temperature Maintenance
Due to the ease of installation into any tank or vat; its 100% efficiency; its ease of automation; its lack of maintenance and remarkable reliability, the AccuTherm Drywell heater provides for reduced downtime – with no tanks to drain. Easily installed, the heavy-duty assemblies weld directly into storage tanks to deliver long-term and economical performance. Once installed, the heater is removable from the dry well without the need to drain the tank or disconnect fluid lines. The large heater surface area is designed with a pre-determined low-watt density (watts/sq in.), giving low sheath temperatures to avoid coking or damaging the material being heated.

Over-the-Side – Storage Tank Heaters
The AccuTherm Over-the-Side heater dissipates as low as three watts per square inch on the heater sheath. The Over-the-Side heater is viable with most temperature sensitive products for most every industry: asphalt and other petroleum derivatives for reducing viscosity; animal oils, fats, molasses for food production; lignites, waxes, paints, inks, etc.

Contact AccuTherm today, and speak with one of our experts regarding low temperature applications within the bio-fuel industry. Our experienced engineering and design staff will assess and evaluate your specific needs and customize an energy efficient heater solution to your requirements.

Please complete our Product Data Sheet and let us provide you with a solution for even the most complex low temperature application need for heaters in the bio-fuel industry.