AccuTherm’s heaters are utilized for many marine applications.  Our capabilities and attention to detail insure that we will supply a high-quality solution to your marine electric heating application.  We have built heaters to Military standards for the Army, Navy, Coast Guard and DCSC.

Choose AccuTherm for heaters suited to a variety of marine heating applications.  The examples below are just a sample of the heaters AccuTherm can supply.

Water Heating

Utilizing circulation heaters and immersion heaters water is heated for many shipboard uses including; cooking, personal use, freeze protection and desalinization just to name a few.

Oil Heating

A vessel can experience many different climates while at sea and it is critical to keep the various oils used to operate a ship warm so that its systems function as designed.  Using immersion or circulation heaters heavy fuel oils, hydraulic and lube oils are heated so that they remain within their intended operating temperature.

Contact AccuTherm today to speak with one of our experts regarding your marine application.  Please complete one of our Product Data Sheets and let us provide you with a heating solution tailor made to your application.