AccuTherm has the heaters for your petrochemical or low temperature applications. Our high-quality, competitively priced systems offer industry-leading design and application innovation for your unique requirements. At AccuTherm, we are the application experts, serving the Petrochemical industry with the custom solutions to ANY application. From superior quality materials to the final product, AccuTherm adheres to a stringent quality standard for our heaters, ensuring optimum performance in your application. The following heaters are used in the petrochemical industry for numerous low temperature applications. Such as:


Tank Heaters

AccuTherm tank heaters are cost effective heating source for stored viscous materials. These heaters require very little upkeep and maintenance, thus reducing labor and other operational costs. AccuTherm offers a wide selection of tank heating solutions to meet the very demanding requirements of petrochemical plants.


Flanged Immersion Heaters

AccuTherm flange heaters provide a nearly 100% energy efficient operation for the heating of oil and other material tanks in a petrochemical plant. Their unique design offers the ability to meet required watt densities and maintain a tight temperature tolerance. AccuTherm offers a range of catalog or standard designs for fast delivery, or we can customer fabricate a customer solution to your unique application including ASME designs.


Circulation Heaters

AccuTherm circulation heaters are designed to provide rapid heating, high-energy efficiency, and uniform heating for many petrochemical plants heating applications. With a wide range of standard designs available, including inlet and outlet temperature control, NEMA terminal housing options, as well as, ASME approval, we will provide a solution that is cost effective for your unique application.


Regeneration Heaters

AccuTherm high performance skid-mounted circulation heat systems provide an option for the burning of gases inside catalyst regeneration units. The circulation and/or flange heaters come in a wide variety of sizes and formations. The metal based skid with an added control panel offers a finite level of safety and control for your process.


Contact AccuTherm today to discuss your project in detail with one of our Application Engineers and they will provide a heating solution perfectly suited to the needs of your application, as well as your budget.
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