870 Series SCR Control Panel

870 Series SCR Control Panel

The 870 Series SCR Control panel is a fully proportional process temperature control panel that utilizes SCR Power Controllers to modulate the entire heater load directly, varying the heater output from 0 to 100% of the total heater KW. Working on a four second time base, the heater will be energized only for the number […]

Quick Ship SCR

873 Series Quick Ship SCR Control Panel

The Quick Ship SCR Temperature Control panel provides fast shipment, precise temperature control, compact packaging, and is pre-engineered for resistive load applications. The panel is completely assembled, pre-wired, tested, and ready for trouble free installation and operation. Designed for use in industrial environments and for outdoor installations. STANDARD CONSTRUCTION FEATURES: NEMA 4/12 Painted Steel Enclosure […]

Power Generation

Heater Applications: Power Generation

Power generation facilities present many applications for AccuTherm’s heaters.  Whether utilizing coal, natural gas, or renewable sources power generating facilities have many systems that require reliable electric heat to get their systems operating smoothly. Choose AccuTherm for heaters suited to a variety of power generation heating applications.  The examples below are just a small sample […]

Radient Heat

Radiant Heaters

AccuTherm Radiant Heaters combine the highest grade materials with our in-depth application and manufacturing experience to provide a product to solve the most demanding radiant process heater applications. The Metal Sheathed Heater provides a uniform wavelength and pattern that is absorbed by all colors with equal efficiency. Units are available in various ratings and lengths […]

Bio-Fuel Tanks

AccuThem’s Solution for Bio-Fuel Heating

AccuTherm has the heaters for your bio-fuel or low temperature applications. Our high-quality, competitively-priced systems offer industry-leading design and application innovation for your unique requirements. At AccuTherm, we are the application experts, serving the bio-fuel industry with the custom solutions to ANY application. From superior quality materials to the final product, AccuTherm adheres to a […]

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