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Industrial Applications for Electric Immersion Heater

Many industries reap many benefits from incorporating electric immersion heaters into their processes. Used to heat fluids (gases and liquids), electric immersion heaters offer a more controllable and accurate way of heating. This allows for more controlled results, better quality and increased efficiency. Industrial immersion heating is used in many and varying fields including petrochemicals, heating water, and cement curing to mention but a few.

The best electric immersion heater depends on the job at hand:

  • Pipe flange immersion heaters are best suited for heating fluids in pressurized systems and tanks.
  • If you are working with a myriad of connections or space is a problem, screw plug immersion heaters are your answer. They are used to heat oils and liquids.
  • Over-the-side immersion heaters are meant to be adapted to any type or size of container. They come in various shapes and styles and can be custom-designed for any given project.

Electric immersion heaters

Industrial Applications

Electric immersion heaters are used in various industries for different heating needs including:

Nuclear Power

Heating conditions in a nuclear power plant need to be carefully monitored and controlled. Electric immersion heaters play their role by being used to accurately heat pressurizers in the reactor.
Wastewater Management

Freeze protection is essential to ensure water treatment doesn’t fail. Immersion heaters are used to ensure water in the reservoirs and pipes doesn’t freeze, freezing up operations.

Gas/Oil Industry

To ensure that oil and petrochemical products keep flowing in winter and in cold places like Alaska, it is necessary to heat them. Over-the-side immersion heaters enable you to do this without changing the underlying infrastructure.

Cement Curing

Cement curing can be accomplished using over-the-side immersion heaters. This allows for faster and more consistent results.


Sterilizers, pill driers and autoclaves are just some of the areas in laboratories where heating is needed. The most used immersion heater for such requirements is the screw plug immersion heater.

Food Processing

Various food processing industries need to heat fluids in vats or other containers as part of processing or sterilization. Over-the-side and flange immersion heaters are well-suited for such applications.

Chemical Industry

Electric immersion heaters are used in many processes in the chemical industry. This includes heating detergents, oils, water, basic solutions, acidic solutions and other process fluids.

electric immersion heater

For more information on and the benefits of applying an electric immersion heater in your business or industry, contact us at AccuTherm.

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