AccuTherm Certifications

AccuTherm products have become renowned in the states and abroad for unrivaled quality. The success of AccuTherm industrial and commercial heating products can be attributed to strict manufacturing standards as well as a variety of certifications that have made AccuTherm among the most trusted names in the business. To understand what these certifications mean, take some time to review the definition of these accolades below.

1. UL Recognized

Components that are stamped as being UL Recognized means the components have been tested prior to distribution for inclusion in larger mechanisms.


2. CE Approved

If a product or component is CE approved, this means it adheres to European compliance standards for safety, health and environmental protection. The CE mark also indicates that the product or component is legally accepted to be placed on the market for sale or use within the European Union.


3. CSA Compliant

CSA or (Compliance, Safety, and Accountability) refers to a company’s adherence to measurement, evaluation, and prevention protocols meant to improve the safety of freight drivers. When a company is CSA compliant, like CSA Transportation (click here for more info), you can feel confident that their products will be shipped safely and consistently.


4. ASME Certified

An ASME stamp on a product indicates that it conforms to Boiler and Pressure Vessel Codes. Practically every state in the U.S. and provinces of Canada observe and comply with ASME regulations. It is also estimated that over 100 countries recognize ASME certification standards. This is among one of the most important certifications that a company can acquire.


5. National Board Certified for Section VIII Div 1 Pressure Vessel Welding

When a component is certified with BPVC, it means the boiler or pressure vessel has been thoroughly inspected to ensure the component is completely safe and has an outstanding service life. Whilst checking this equipment, a welding face mask will be worn for protection.


6. Canadian Pressure Vessel Codes

Similar to ASME certifications, AccuTherm also adheres to many Canada-specific pressure vessel codes including CRN, ABSA and TSSA. This means components can be safely shipped and used in Canadian provinces.

Contact AccuTherm today to learn more about the various industrial and commercial heating solutions they provide. All AccuTherm products are USA made and are the trusted supplier of heating products for the US Army, Coast Guard, DCSC and Navy. If you’re looking for rugged heating products to suit your unique needs, AccuTherm is a company you can rely on to provide you with the only the best industrial and commercial heating products.

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