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What is Watt Density?

Watt Density is one of the most critical factors affecting element life and is a useful measure when considering the different types of heating elements. But what is it exactly and how do you calculate it? It is the heat flux emanating from each square inch of the effective heating area (heating surface) of the element. […]

Using Limit Devices for Temperature Control

Both high and low temperature limits can be managed with limit devices.  Why, how and where limit devices can be crucial to maintain plant profitability and safety of both plant and workforce are the focus of paper by West Control Solutions. The guide is intended for industries using industrial ovens and furnaces, laboratory and testing equipment, […]

Bore Heaters

AccuTherm offers custom design units to be used to supplement other heating systems. 1. Seamless Incoloy® 840 sheath material. 2. High purity MgO Powder, compacted to provide maximum heat conductivity and optimum dielectric strength. 3. Type ‘A’ 80/20 resistance wire sized to provide the lowest wire watt density for maximum life. Precision wound to provide […]

What You Need to Know About Electrical Heating Control and Monitoring

How to heat only what is needed to a specific temperature and maintain that temperature. Heating derived from electrical sources is used extensively in industrial processes for thousands of widely varying applications. They include: Heating water or other liquids for cleaning parts or to transfer the heat to other environments. Increasing the temperature of metal […]

Electric Tank Heaters

Usage Electric Tank Heaters are used to accurately control liquid and gas temperatures in a variety of applications. These include storage tanks, railroad tank cars, and smaller tanks and basins. Our heaters can be used to change and/or maintain liquid or gas temperatures from -300°F to 1000°F. At AccuTherm, we consider ourselves application experts in […]

Delta T

Sure, it is a letter in the Greek alphabet, but it also means something in the heating industry. Don’t get overheated when someone is speaking about Delta T.

Die Casting

AccuTherm can deliver answers and products for your metal heating needs, whether it is keeping casting alloys at the proper temperature, heating sucker tubes, crucibles, metal transfer tubes, nozzles or any other type of heating applications.  Here at AccuTherm, we are able to address any questions and design a heating system to meet the most […]


Does your industry deal with petrochemical or low temperature applications and are in need of a heater?  AccuTherm offers high-quality, competitively priced systems with industry-leading design and application innovation for your unique requirements.  Here at AccuTherm, we are the application experts serving the petrochemical industry with custom solutions to any application.  From superior quality materials […]

AccuTherm Process Air Duct Heaters

AccuTherm is a specialist in designing and manufacturing quality process air duct heaters that heat moving air and gases up to 1200°F.  These heaters are suited to handle many industrial applications.  Process air duct heaters are installed into ducts and ovens for applications such as; air drying, curing paint and coatings, chemical and food processing […]