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Explosion Proof Enclosures

Many wonder what exactly an explosion proof enclosure is and what the difference is between the classifications. In this article we outline what explosion proof means, the testing involved, and the different classifications. With out further adieu, let’s take a look!

What is Atex?

Many of our US customers are curious about what an ATEX certification is and if AccuTherm is ATEX certified. To help clear up some confusion, the following article will answer the question of “what is atex” and will go over the US equivalent rating system NEMA.

Types of Industrial Heater Applications

AccuTherm heaters are utilized in many industrial heater applications. For a helpful resource guide we wanted to showcase some of the types of applications our heaters are used in to demonstrate how we may fit your needs. We are able to provide high-quality solutions for unique industrial equipment needs so if you don’t see what […]

Electric Heating Elements | 10 Tips for Extending Service Life

Electric heating elements come in various types including ribbon, rod, and coil, and are made from alloys such as nickel-chromium, iron-chromium-aluminum ,and refractory metals. As discussed by Daniel Herring in an article published by Industrial Heating, some common issues associated with electric elements include Green Rot which is a type of corrosion in 80-20 alloy, […]