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NEMA for Industrial Heaters

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association, also known as NEMA, is one of the most prestigious and preferred trade associations for electrical product manufacturers. Member companies manufacture products that are used in conjunction with the generation, distribution, transmission, use, control and storage of electricity. The products are used for medical, institutional, commercial, residential and industrial applications. NEMA standards deal with the manufacture, performance testing, application and rating of various electrical products.  The terminal boxes used on industrial electric heaters are typically given a NEMA rating to insure it meets the requirements of the environment where the heater will be installed.  NEMA defines the requirements for electrical enclosures under NEMA Standard Number 250.

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AccuTherm Certifications

AccuTherm products have become renowned in the states and abroad for unrivaled quality. The success of AccuTherm industrial and commercial heating products can be attributed to strict manufacturing standards as well as a variety of certifications that have made AccuTherm among the most trusted names in the business. To understand what these certifications mean, take some time to review the definition of these accolades below.

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Atex Certified

What is Atex?

Many of our US customers are curious about what an ATEX certification is and if AccuTherm is ATEX certified. To help clear up some confusion, the following article will answer the question of “what is atex” and will go over the US equivalent rating system NEMA.

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