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freeze protection

Wastewater Treatment and Freeze Protection

Have you ever heard the phrase, “water is essential to life”?  Nothing would survive without it, not even the advanced industrialization!  Everything needs water and to ensure the guarantee of sustainable water supplies, water purity is a priority.  Wastewater treatment is very important and its an all year-around operation.  In order to ensure that wastewater treatment can operate during the winter freeze protection needs to be applied.

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aerospace heaters

Aerospace Heaters

AccuTherm has been a key supplier of aerospace heaters which play a vital role in the aerospace industry. The current volatility and competitive nature of the aerospace industry has been important, as it enables aerospace companies to approach reputable companies which provide aerospace heaters designed and engineered from cutting-edge technologies.

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electric immersion heaters

Nuclear Power Plant Using Electric Immersion Heaters

Today, nuclear power plants are utilized to harness and generate heat and electricity that is produced by nuclear fission in a controlled environment.  Learn what about an application for electric immersion heaters.

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Immersion heaters

Immersion Heaters in Oil Pipeline Industry

Immersion heaters play a vital role in the oil pipeline industry. The increased demand for these heaters has forced many companies to look around for reliable heating solutions. Immersion heaters exist in three types as described below.

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immersion heaters can prevent liquids from freezing

How Immersion Heaters can Prevent Liquids from Freezing

With winter in full swing and bringing in the low temperatures, industries are needing to protect their aqueous or liquid based products and supplies.  Oil and gas sectors, are combating against the possibilities of their products from freezing and becoming difficult to manage.  Learn how immersion heaters can prevent liquids from freezing.

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nozzle heater

Nozzle Heater Use and Application

Did you know that electric heat is the most flexible and versatile source of heat? Electric heat is by far the best alternative source of heat and is environmentally considered as a clean and efficient energy source that is used widely across the process heating industry. At AccuTherm, you will always find industry experts who specialize in the design of custom products such as the Nozzle Heater. The team behind these innovative products are committed and ready to meet any of your heating application requirements.

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die casting

The Die Casting Industry

In order to produce complex geometric parts for your industrial application, you will need the services of the die casting industry. With the help of AccuTherm’s die and casting electric heaters, your industrial heating solutions will be greatly improved for the overall good of your business in terms of efficiency, power consumption, safety, as well as the quality of the products produced out of the process. In the present day, there has been a tremendous increase in the need for the die casting processes in the majority of the production steps due to the need to have complex geometric shapes in various components. This is the point where AccuTherm’s engineers come in and help you out with their expertise in the area.

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industrial immersion heater

Industrial Immersion Heaters

As you may know, industrial immersion heaters are used in manufacturing procedures where certain liquids or gasses need to be maintained at a constant particular temperature. These are similar to the small household heaters used to heat water for hot beverages but on a much larger scale. What you may not know is that there are actually three kinds of industrial heaters:

  • Flange Heaters
  • Screw Plug Heaters
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The Role of Furnace Atmospheres

The Role of Furnace Atmospheres

Atmosphere is termed as the surrounding in a thermal enclosure and it consists of gases and usually air.  Learn how the role of furnace atmospheres are important for heat!

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