circulation heaters

Circulation Heaters Ideal for Industrial Use

Circulations heaters can be designed to heat many types of liquids and gases. That is why circulation heaters are ideal for industrial use. They provide heat for a large range of industrial needs. AccuTherm offers a wide selection of high quality, electric circulation heaters.

Why Circulation Heaters?

Circulation heaters are designed to provide rapid heating, high-energy efficiency, and uniform heating for many applications. They are easily adapted to many installations and are a safe solution in hazardous environments. Due to the materials used, the extreme temperatures, and also rapid temperature changes won’t impact the condition of the machines or any of its components, you’re able to click here to get more information regarding heat-resistant tubing as well as other components.

circulation heaters

All of our catalog circulation heaters utilize an Incoloy 840 sheath standard, except the suction oil heaters. The Incoloy 840 sheath provides a wide coverage of applications and temperatures; it also adds a margin of safety for unknown corrosives or contaminants.

Industries that use Circulation Heaters

  • Petrochemical: For an industry that requires heating chemicals and fluid materials, these heaters provide uniform heating and are energy efficient. . Outlet and sheath temperature controls can be easily adjusted to ensure the material does not get damaged.


  • Nuclear Power Plants: Nuclear power plants depend heavily on circulation heaters for various applications. Circulation heaters have the ability to operate safely in highly hazardous environments. The heater controls can reduce the heaters power in the event of an overheating condition.

circulation heaters

  • Oil and Gas Industry: Circulation heaters are used to modify the oil’s viscosity levels for pumping. They are also used to heat and condition natural gas, for freeze protection of fracking fluids and to aid oil separation just to name a few.

circulation heaters

A circulation heater may be a suitable heating solution for your industry. Contact AccuTherm today at

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