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Benefits of Using Custom Heaters vs Standard

When purchasing or having your heater installed, it is relevant that you acquire as much knowledge as possible so that you can make an informed decision. When it comes to custom heaters vs standard, there are many benefits to using a custom heater. This article will discuss the relative comparison of the both types of heaters so you can make the best decision for your company.

Safety- A custom heater does not exceed the optimum operating temperatures set whether in commercial buildings. They are in fact supplied with SCR control on many heating stages for the control which is one of the reasons that it is advantageous over other alternative heating solutions. Coupled with something like the services can installed, it can be very efficient. On the other hand, standard heaters are known to release extreme temperatures which makes it hard to even stay near it. Moreover, they can fall if not properly fitted with emergency shut solutions and possibly injure people. The custom heater also features new technology.

Reliability- The extent to which the standard heater releases heat might make people stay away from the source to avoid being burnt. This translates to the fact that you cannot benefit from it fully. On the other hand, a custom heater incorporates the computer aided design such that the heat discharge amount is well monitored.

Economy on heat source- Nobody wants to pay high bills. Custom heaters are built with a technology that regulates and controls fuel use so that you do not pay too much for your bills. On the contrary, the standard heaters pile huge fuel bills as they release temperatures as high as 1200c.

Multiple usability factors- Custom heaters can be used for multiple purposes such as design for outdoor, wet, dusty and even corrosive areas. Additionally it can be installed in marine boats and food processing plants. The standard heaters cannot in anyway outstand this.

Easy installation and integration- It is not only easy to install the custom heater but also easier to integrate it into your existing HVAC system. However, you may still require the help of professional HVAC experts to install it correctly. Such services can be found and contacted online through a website such as this – The simplicity of installation is ideal as it makes it easy to couple it up with your other systems for convenience.

The standard heater is more or less outdated and does not have these components, so you may need services like to come out and sort this for you. When it comes to repair and maintenance it will be made easier, due to the new technologies, these types of systems will be able to be maintained by any repair service with experience such as AC Repair Brandon FL, and won’t require the need of a specialized maintenance team to be sent out.

AccuTherm believes in providing customers with the highest quality custom heaters. Custom heaters allow for more flexibility in design that will fit the specific needs of a system. All heaters are UL recognized, CSA compliant, and CE approved. Order your custom heater today by calling (573) 735-1060.

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