die casting

The Die Casting Industry

In order to produce complex geometric parts for your industrial application, you will need the services of the die casting industry. With the help of AccuTherm’s die and casting electric heaters, your industrial heating solutions will be greatly improved for the overall good of your business in terms of efficiency, power consumption, safety, as well as the quality of the products produced out of the process. In the present day, there has been a tremendous increase in the need for the die casting processes in the majority of the production steps due to the need to have complex geometric shapes in various components. This is the point where AccuTherm’s engineers come in and help you out with their expertise in the area.

Though you will need this process in the production of parts with geometric shapes that are complex, the process behind it is pretty easy. In die casting, there is the involvement of;

  • Furnace to heat up the combinations of the metals to be used in molten form,
  • The metals to be used– this has to be a ferrous metal such as copper, zinc, aluminum etc.
  • A die casting machine- this is dependent on the metal alloy to be used and their melting temperatures.
  • Finally a die- this is the reusable mold that is placed in the die casting machine and generally has two parts which are; the ejector die half and the cover die half.

die casting

Understanding the casting process

The process of creating parts using this process is rather simple but has to be understood to the details. This helps in providing the very best in terms of speed as well as in the quality of the parts.

At the initial part of the process, the component to be made is established and consequently the composite metals to make the alloys are established. Based on their melting temperatures, the casting machine to be used is established. Consequently, the combination of the melt is placed into the machine so as to meet the die and thus take shape resulting to the part.

With the use of AccuTherm’s die casting electric heaters which are comprised of the plate heaters as well as the nozzle heaters, your industrial processes will be improved greatly as you will reap from their experiences as well as innovative products which are approved by the various safety and energy regulation bodies and authorities.

If you would like more information on die casting, please visit http://accutherm.com/.

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