Electric Tank Heaters


Electric Tank Heaters are used to accurately control liquid and gas temperatures in a variety of

applications. These include storage tanks, railroad tank cars, and smaller tanks and basins. Our heaters

can be used to change and/or maintain liquid or gas temperatures from -300°F to 1000°F. At

AccuTherm, we consider ourselves application experts in the process heating industry. We are flexible

and willing to meet any application challenge in the market. This drive and determination ensures that

we can meet the demands of a commercial OEM product just as easily as the intricate industrial process



Electric tank heaters provide a clean and efficient heat directly to the liquid being heated. These heaters

produce the most efficient and overall fastest means of heating any liquid. The heating element must

be specifically designed according to the liquid or gas in which it will be immersed. Depending on how

corrosive the liquid is or sanitary requirements of the process, different sheath materials can be

employed, such as, stainless steel, nickel, Incoloy and titanium.



There are four different types of electric tank immersion heaters that AccuTherm can design to your

specific needs. Over-the-side heaters are the most versatile, easy to use and cost-effective tank heaters.

Similar to a radiator used to heat a home, Circulation heaters use a pump to circulate the liquid through

a closed loop system. Pipe insert style storage tank heaters operate at low watt densities and allow the

heating element to be replaced without the need to drain the tank. Finally, screw plug and flanged

immersion heaters are installed directly into the tank or pipe and are typically used in smaller

applications. We will work with you to select and design the right tank heater for your job and



Contact AccuTherm today to discuss your tank heating application or visit us at www.accutherm.com.

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