Extrusion Press Heaters

AccuTherm is an expert in the design and manufacturing of  heating systems for the extrusion press industry.  With our years of experience in this application, we provide extrusion press heaters  that will provide a long life performance in these laborious applications.  Care is demonstrated in every design to uphold its maximum capacity, space availability, watt densities, all while being paired with the finest materials applicable. All these combinations will provide the heater with superior life in the applications they are utilized for.


Extrusion is a procedure of creating objects of a fixed cross-sectional profile.  Material is pushed or pulled through a die of the appropriate cross-section.  It has the capability to create complex cross-sections, work with materials that are brittle, and provide finished products with excellent surface finishing.


It begins with heating the material (for hot or warm extrusion) and then it is loaded into the container in the press.  A dummy block is located behind which then presses the material to push it out of the die.  Then the extrusion is stretched to straighten it out.  If the material is to have certain properties, it then may be heat treated or cold worked.  This type of process is great, because of the ability to create very large parts with high quality.

extrusion press heaters

Warm Extrusion

An extrusion process that is completed above room temperature, but below the recrystallization temperature of the material. It uses the proper balance of required forces, ductility, and final extrusion properties.

Hot Extrusion

Is conducted above the material’s recrystallization temperature of the material to keep it from hardening and to make it easier to push the material through the die.


Here is a list of a few industries that may use an extrusion press heater to create its product.

  • Food: Pastas, breakfast cereals, ready-made cookie dough, french fries, baby foods, dry pet food, and ready-to-eat snacks can be manufactured by extrusion.
  • Plastics: raw plastic is melted and assembled into a defined shape which includes pipes, tubing, weather stripping products, fencing, railings, window frames, plastic films, sheeting, thermoplastic coatings, and wire insulation.

extrusion press heatersextrusion press heaters

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