immersion heaters can prevent liquids from freezing

How Immersion Heaters can Prevent Liquids from Freezing

With winter in full swing and bringing in the low temperatures, industries are needing to protect their aqueous or liquid based products and supplies.  Oil and gas sectors, are combating against the possibilities of their products from freezing and becoming difficult to manage.  Learn how immersion heaters can prevent liquids from freezing.

Freeze Protection

Industries that require production machinery to be located outdoors endure freezing and below temperatures for a great amount of time.  Water based mediums will begin to freeze at 32°F and form crystals.  Oils will begin to solidify and turn into gel or wax like substances and the colder it gets the less viscous it becomes.  Industries using pipelines will become blocked and clogged.

Not allowing a tank or reservoirs ‘s temperatures do not approach temperatures below 32°F and having the liquids freeze.  Adding insulation and step controllers are vital for the line of defense against freezing temperatures.

immersion heaters can prevent liquids from freezing

Immersion Heaters

Heaters that are immersed into the tank or reservoir to heat up liquids fast are immersion heaters.  They are an optimal source of heat for liquid mediums to prevent from freezing.  There are various types of immersion heaters that can be suited for just the right industry and their environment.  They have low maintenance and have a great turn around for heating services.  These types of heaters are an ideal heater for industries dealing with chemicals and petroleum based.

Benefits of Immersion Heaters

  • They provide a quick, powerful, and uniform heat transfer.
  • Easy installation that require not having to drill any holes.
  • These type of heaters can be moved easily due to their compact and light weight.
  • The maintenance and repair cost are economical.
  • They are resistance to moisture and corrosion.
  • All around safe while being durable.

immersion heaters can prevent liquids from freezing

Types and Applications of Immersion Heaters

There are an assortment of types of immersion heaters and their abilities available to various industries.

Flanged Immersion Heaters: Designed for use in tanks and pipelines to heat  liquids.  Their installation and the ability to monitor is easy.  They provide efficient heating with direct support and minimal maintenance cost.

Circulation Heaters: Another solution of heat that makes the use of flanged immersion heaters provide heat in pipelines or large vessels.  They absorb liquid from an inlet and heats it before circulation in the outlet by pumping.

Screw Plug Immersion Heaters: Ideal for immersion into liquids and all types of oils, where space and connections are a problem. They protect liquids from freezing in smaller tanks or reservoirs.  They are small and lightweight, but provide quick and energy efficient heating.  Easy installation that are screwed into the container, hence the name Screw Plug.

Over the Side Immersion Heaters: Offers a wide variety of styles and shapes to meet nearly all needs for various types of containers.

Immersion heaters can prevent liquids from freezing and that is why these types of heaters provide precise protection!  Their heating abilities are fast and uniformed that ensures the liquids are heated to the desired temperatures during the winter.  Their installation and maintenance costs are economical while being durable.

If you would like to discuss more on how immersion heaters can help your company this winter contact and AccuTherm representative at


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