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Immersion Heaters and Oil Flushing

Immersion heaters are a critical heating element that is necessary for a myriad of industrial applications. With superior designs, non-compromising seals, and quality welds, these industrial immersion heaters can be placed in almost any liquid. From oils, waters, and even harsh viscous liquids, you’ll find that the engineering behind the AccuTherm immersion heaters is near perfect and can be used in even the harshest of environments for heating and temperature control purposes.

Oil Flushing and Immersion Heaters

Oil flushing is used to help maintain equipment performance to work at its best capabilities.  It aids in keeping all personnel safe and maximizes product quality.

Oil flushing is a process to clear piping from contaminants and deposits.  The way it works is by loosening the deposit by forcing hot fluids through the pipes and this makes the pipes clean.  The fluid needs to be hot in order to conduct oil flushing, this is where immersion heaters are needed.  Immersion heaters are inserted into the piping and heats up the fluid.  This hot, lower viscosity oil is pumped through the system to breakup and remove deposits.

Types of Immersion Heaters

When looking for an immersion heater for commercial applications it is necessary to ensure the heaters are able to withstand the demands of rigorous work environments.  With AccuTherm immersion heaters you are provided with an expansive collection of energy efficient heaters that are able to withstand hazardous environments and highly pressurized areas. Whether you need a custom-made heater specifically crafted for your commercial or industrial needs, or for a more traditional immersion heater, you’ll find a great deal of options available to you.

Flange Immersion Heater

These immersion heaters are attached to a stock plate flange that allows for simple installation and easy maintenance. Flange immersion heaters are ideal for various waters and oils and are frequently used for boilers, vapor degreasers and heat transfer fluids. These immersion heaters are an ideal heater due to their immediate and energy efficient heating capabilities, simple maintenance, and longevity.

Over-the-Side Immersion Heater

Another type of highly energy efficient immersion heater offered by AccuTherm is an over-the-side heater. These are excellent for jobs where modifying the liquid tank or container is not an option and can be simply dropped in and securely attached at the top.

Once installed, the over-the-side heater immediately disperse heat through the oil, acid, salt, or liquid within the tank. The heater can be fitted to rest on the side of the tank, or on the bottom. For tanks that may develop sediment, these heaters are perfect and allow the heaters to avoid being damaged due to increasing amounts of sediment and debris.

Screw Plug Immersion Heater

In many cases, a liquid or gas tank will simply not have efficient amounts of space for a larger tank heater. Fortunately a screw plug heater can be installed. Regardless of the type of liquid or oil in the tank, a screw plug immersion heater can be integrated into the tank via direct installation through the side or even welded into a pipe!

immersion heaters

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