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Nozzle Heater Use and Application

Did you know that electric heat is the most flexible and versatile source of heat? Electric heat is by far the best alternative source of heat and is environmentally considered as a clean and efficient energy source that is used widely across the process heating industry. At AccuTherm, you will always find industry experts who specialize in the design of custom products such as the Nozzle Heater. The team behind these innovative products are committed and ready to meet any of your heating application requirements.

AccuTherm Nozzle Heater

AccuTherm’s Nozzle Heaters are customized to fit into nozzles of highly pressurized zinc die casting machines. This process involves heat which is essential for liquefying and melting metal.

These Nozzle heaters incorporates type ‘A’ nickel/chromium wound at a precision of 80% and 20% respectively. These precision wires are capable of operating under extreme temperatures of 1180 degrees Celsius or 2150 degrees Fahrenheit. Its design accommodates maximum size of wire with a helical coil pitch and a centering in magnesium oxide matrix.

The magnesium oxide is selected to high quality standards to provide optimum compaction and maximum electrical resistant properties that are supported by sufficient heat transfer characteristics. It also includes a resistance wire fused and welded to alloy terminals, thereby providing a 360 degree circular weld bead that provides a compact rugged assembly.


The parts at the top are encased in a stainless steel type 332 alloy tube, which is finished according to specifications/requirements and annealed for bending. Terminal ends of the element are over-sleeved to offer protection against corrosion from molten metal.


The element can be assembled into a machine steel cup whose inner diameter is machine cut to withstand tolerance, and is sized to fit your nozzle barrel. With the availability of 1.00″ diameter standard unit, customized designs of minimum 0.750″ diameters to 1.125′ maximum nozzle diameters can be supplied.


AccuTherm nozzle heater is available in voltages ranging from 120v to 277v with a wattage of up to 600 watts. Its standards have been designed and tested to meet CSA, CE, UL and NEMA quality. Based on your preferences, a nozzle heater with a type K thermocouple can be supplied.

When it comes to deliveries, AccuTherm ensures your products arrive in good time – given our maximum delivery period is 1 week. For inquiries about our nozzle heater or other products, please contact our support team to speak to an expert today at 888-925-IDEA or at

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