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Nuclear Power Plant Using Electric Immersion Heaters

Today, nuclear power plants are utilized to harness and generate heat and electricity that is produced by nuclear fission in a controlled environment. Learn what about an application for electric immersion heaters.

You may be asking yourself what all this fuss about nuclear fission is, right?

In simple words, nuclear fission is the disintegration of the nucleus of atoms into lose parts or components. Inside a nuclear reactor, the process of nuclear fission results to high amounts of thermal energy used to convert water to steam through heating. The steam turns a turbine contained in an electrical generator, and in the process, thermal energy is converted to electrical energy.

electric immersion heaters

Nuclear energy today is viewed as a vital energy source with regard to its efficiency in electricity production. As a consumer, what does this mean?

Producing energy from nuclear power plants, be they fuelled with vanadium stocks or uranium, implies that systems within nuclear facilities need to be controlled through monitoring and adjusting parameters that are essential for nuclear fission. Important systems that help in the facilitation of nuclear fission processes are electric immersion heaters.

For many years, AccuTherm has been designing, engineering and manufacturing industrial heating systems and controls for nuclear power plants. An electric immersion heater is important for applications in pressurizers, since it is efficient and versatile in terms of size and design.

AccuTherm provides you a solution to meet your industrial heating needs. you may opt to have customized electric immersion heaters designed to suit your needs; and with the support of men and women behind AccuTherm, you are guaranteed to get the best solutions. With the ease of maintaining electric immersion heaters, your pressurizer’s life is increased significantly, reducing exposure to radiation on employees when replacing the pressurizer.

Electric immersion heaters are commonly inside pressurizers of pressurized water nuclear reactors for their reliability, efficiency, unique designs and versatility, as well as easy maintenance techniques. These electrical devices are not only important but also can be lifesaving in certain instances. It is therefore essential to ensure they are working at peak efficiency at all times. However, when they malfunction, it is time to call electrical contracting companies who are equipped with right knowledge of reparations. Residents and business owners based out of southern U.S. and Georgia in particular, could get more information (regarding electrical solution of this sort) from the likes of Kalahari Electrical services (https://kalahari-electrical.com/tucker/).

electric immersion heaters

Talking about the construction of the immersion heaters, stainless steel is optimally used in the elements for designing and producing these electrical appliances. The design considerations and constant nuclear radiation, immersion heaters are manufactured to withstand high temperatures and pressure.

If you are thinking about heating solutions for your nuclear power plant needs or any AccuTherm product, AccuTherm is your esteemed partner. Professionals in the industrial heating industry will always serve you with respect.

For more details about electric immersion heaters designs or configuration parameters, contact us and one of AccuTherm technical consultants will get back to you.

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