Industrial Heater Guide

Types of Industrial Heater Applications

cheap viagra AccuTherm heaters are utilized in many cheap generic viagra industrial heater applications. For a helpful resource guide we wanted to showcase some of the types of applications our heaters are used in to demonstrate how we may fit your needs. We are able to provide high-quality solutions for unique industrial equipment needs so if you don’t see what you are looking for below, contact us today so we can help you design a solution that fits your requirements!

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Cement Curing

cheap viagra online canadian pharmacy For cement curing, our Formed Tubular Heaters with Housing will provide a heater that can assist in pouring and curing of cement. Whether you are looking for an over-the-side or a duct heater we have what you need.

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Plastic Forming

Cluster heaters and formed tubular heaters are most commonly used for plastic forming, blowing, cutting, and extrusion.

Extrusion Press Heaters for Brass, Aluminum, and Copper Applications

An Extrusion Press Heater is used to heat billets and containers, or supporting equipment within the industry as well as the die casting industry.

Laboratory Equipment

For laboratory equipment including warmers, ovens, and process heaters, the typical heaters utilized are Plate Heaters and Plug Immersion Heaters. These are commonly used for sterilizers, autoclaves and pill drying, hot plates, and more.

Plant Services Heating

There is a wide array of AccuTherm heaters used in plant services from Screw Plug Heaters to Over-the-side Heaters and Flange Immersion Heaters. All of which can be used to heat:

  • Light weight oil
  • Medium weight oil
  • Heavy weight oil
  • Alkali cleaning solutions
  • Process or potable water
  • Vapor degreasing solutions

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Air Cleaning/Heating

Most commonly used for comfort heating, Air Duct Heaters are also used for heating process air or process gases/atmosphere. With a rectangular mounting flange, a standard duct heater is inserted through a cutout in a duct wall.

Desiccant Drying

For desiccant drying, Accutherm’s Circulation Heaters and Flanged Immersion Heaters are often used. Immersion heaters convert virtually all of its electrical energy into heat and are easy to control and less expensive to install compared to other heaters. Flanged Immersion Heaters have many uses some of which include heating:

  • Air and process gases in circulation systems
  • Water, oils, tars, detergents and other process liquids in tanks or vats
  • Water, oils, detergents and other process liquids in pressurized circulation systems

Paint and Powder Coat Drying

For applications such as baking and curing, softening, drying, and low temperature process ovens, radiant heaters are most commonly used. The infrared energy generated by a radiant heater has minimal energy loss when transmitted through uncontaminated air.

Hopefully this helpful Industrial Heater Guide has led you in the right direction for the type of heater that is best for your application. If you aren’t sure, or have more customized needs, contact us today at or by phone at 573-735-1060. One of our knowledgeable experts can help assess your specific needs and customize an energy efficient heater solution for you.

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