Using Limit Devices for Temperature Control

Both high and low temperature limits can be managed with limit devices. 

Why, how and where limit devices can be crucial to maintain plant profitability and safety of both plant and workforce are the focus of paper by West Control Solutions.

The guide is intended for industries using industrial ovens and furnaces, laboratory and testing equipment, and food and beverage processing applications. Useful for those considering and specifying limit device systems, the document describes applications in which the controls are used and why, as well as explaining how they help customers meet industry regulations and standards.

Limit devices are vital to temperature control process systems. Both high and low temperature limits can be managed with a limit device, meaning that as soon as the required temperature is reached a signal is sent to make the process safe. One example is a signal to isolate power to the heaters or switch on forced cooling. The control provided by limit devices ensures that employees and plants work within industrial legislative requirements for safety.

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