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Why Choose Electric Heaters

While the recent increase in natural gas output in the United States has certainly made gas heaters an attractive option for many business owners, there are still some decided benefits to installing and using electric heaters. There are still a lot of people deciding what is best for them as a lot of people are just use to using gas in their homes. However, if you want more information on why some people convert electric to gas then click here. But fundamentally it is up to the person to decide what is best for them. To further examine the benefits of electric heat,take a look at a few of them we have outlined:

Longer life Expectancy

With fewer parts and those exposed to far less direct heat, electric heaters last far longer – years, even! – than their natural gas counterparts. This means less need for hometeamelectric.com/city-page/indio/ to come out and run maintenance on them after installation, which is great news for you!

Lower Installation Costs

While natural gas units must have both gas lines and electrical service brought to the unit to power them, an all electric heater only needs electrical lines to run, ones that can be installed by electricians here. In addition, a purely electrical system does not need to be vented which will save even more on installation costs.

They are Eminently Safer

Simply put, the chances of an explosion from a gas leak are much greater than electrocution from any faulty wiring in an electrical unit. Moreover, it is much easier to spot faulty or broken wiring than it is to spot a gas leak. Finding an electrician, like those at Fixmatic Electric (https://fixmatic.com/service-areas/aztec/), who can come and fix it won’t be a problem at all. Even if you were to spot a gas leak, it is much more dangerous and more difficult to resolve. In addition, an electric heater does not produce any deadly exhaust fumes that could potentially infiltrate the usable space of your building.

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Less Space is Needed

Electrical units, in and of themselves, tend to be smaller than natural gas ones and they do not need the 6-18 inches of clearance that a natural gas heater requires. Similarly, intake and exhaust vents – which need to be run separately and all the way to the exterior of the building – do not need to be installed.

Easier to Use

While both types of heaters are subject to power outages, only the electric one is ready to go when the utility company finally fixes the problem on their end. Anyone who has ever tried to ignite the pilot light in a cold, damp basement understands exactly what we mean.

They’re “Greener”

With no greenhouse gases being emitted, you can run your electric heater all day and still produce less effect on the environment than your neighbor who runs his gas heater for just an hour.

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