Gather more information about the match

Let's assume that we have found interesting matches for esports betting in the lineup, studied the motivation and strength of the teams and made an initial elimination. Further we go deeper into the analysis, studying in more detail other important points for betting:

  • The playing style of the teams. You should always look at how a team's playing style affects a possible bet. If the style of the team goes against the selected options, it makes sense to refuse such a bet.
  • Calendar. In modern soccer, there is a large variation in the number of matches for different teams. Someone strictly plays 1 match per week, while other teams have 3 matches in 8 days. It should be considered when choosing a bet
  • Home field. It is necessary to study, in relation to the selected match, how teams play at home and away. Perhaps there are trends here too.
  • Derby and uncomfortable opponents. We check how principled the opponents are. It is not necessarily a derby, but if the opponents are principled (from recent examples, Sassuolo and Inter), then it is worth to pay more attention to the current form. It also happens that team A is an extremely uncomfortable opponent for team B. Note this point.
  • Weather and other factors. It is worth to monitor the weather before the match (especially relevant for matches in winter and rainy regions) and not to forget about other important factors. For example, the match may be attended by a very uncomfortable referee for one of the teams. Perhaps the team had great difficulty getting to the match (distance, transfers, etc.).

Adding up all the data obtained, we can finally decide on the bet. This pre-match analysis minimizes the randomness factor. It is difficult for novice players to study so much data and understand everything correctly.

How to avoid mistakes in betting

Even the most experienced players often make mistakes and lose money. No one is immune to failure, but we must minimize losses. To do that, it is necessary to follow the tips written above and do what will be written below:

  • Don't bet on your favorite teams. If you want to succeed in betting, forget about betting on your favorite teams forever. No matter how hard we try, you can't get away from your feelings about your favorite club 100%.
  • Stay away from parlay bets. At least at first, you should not play parlay bets. Here the risk and the uncertainty factor are much higher. For a minimum Parlay, you need to analyse not 1, but 2 matches, and the selected bet must play in both. As you become an experienced player, you can decide for yourself whether it's worth mixing it up in express bets or not.
  • Know when to stop. Alas, not all handlers manage to switch after failures. Many players are familiar with the infuriating thought "I'll get even quickly" after a loss. More often than not, this is followed by a series of setbacks. Learn to take a break, to rest from betting. You can take a walk or just do other things.