Something did not work out with this film. It would seem that Hollywood ate their teeth on such melodramas, but in this case the plan destroyed the set of Hollywood stamps, generously flavored with the stamps of today's movie political correctness.
We take a young and independent woman - a superpowed advertising marketer. Let it lead a non -labe lifestyle, whatever its burners, caused by child psychological injuries. We surround it with a motley set of friends, among whom there must be one “wrong” girlfriend trying to imitate the heroine in everything, and one “right” “family man” girlfriend, of course, with children on whom the heroine pours out her unrealized maternal feelings. In this variegated crowd, there must be a friendly neighbor-gay, preferably a black man (oh, excuse me, African American!) Add an ever-itchy mother, who is not satisfied with this behavior of her daughter. We place everyone in the exotic environment of the New Orleans with its jazz, night clubs, transvestites and so on. Now we send the heroine the test, in this case, the rectum cancer, and sit on the sidelines to observe how it will be output from all this.
It gets out in the same way, in Hollywood. It meets with a black god-woman, similar to Wupu Goldberg. For the first time, he falls in love with his attending physician for the first time and begins to settle all the unresolved conflicts of his life, in order to die in the final in a hospital bed, surrounded by a crowd of sobbing friends and relatives.
I still had the feeling that a woman director, making her second full-length film in seven years, tried to be honest with the audience. But we know that the road is by no means a road to heaven! By the way, the original name of the film “A Little piece of Heaven” should send us precisely to the classic Hollywood “Golden Age”. But in those films there was a naive faith in eternal human values ​​(the heavens there were not just for “jokes”) and subtle humor. Unfortunately, it is difficult to revive such a naive faith in our cynical world, and humor has not changed for the better. In principle, the film is declared as a romantic tragicomedy, but it does not look funny. It looks like his hero who learns to tell jokes during the plot. And we must accept on faith that it comes out to him better and better.
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