Total more

The most popular strategy is the total more. In order for success to be on the bettor's side, he must:

  • choose the most scoring and predictable championship (above we wrote that it can be the leagues of Holland, Belgium, Austria, Germany);
  • Evaluate what chances the opponents have and how interested they are in the outcome of the meeting (motivated for goals, are longtime rivals). A great option for such a prediction can be a match between a championship favorite club and a motivated underdog.

From total betting strategies the most popular are 0.5 and 1.5. They are the most "popular" and suitable for the majority of soccer meetings. The calculation is very simple: if you bet on "0.5", then your bet will be winning if at least one goal is scored as a result of the meeting. For TM (1.5) to win, the total score of the meeting must exceed two goals. Such results are not difficult to predict in the leading championships, in the same Germany according to statistics 80% of matches end with the result of two goals or more.

Total less

For many sports events, especially soccer, it can be more reasonable to choose the strategy to bet on the total less. This applies to those meetings that are not characterized by a large number of goals and do not involve active players (their interest in playing at full power). This tactic of beating the bookmaker's office is appropriate for the matches of Romania, Serbia and Greece. There are seldom rich and spectacular matches here.

Despite the fact that TL works more often, it is not as beloved by bettors as bets on TM. The explanation is very simple:

  • First, every true fan expects a spectacular and interesting game;
  • secondly, if your favorite team is playing and it has little chance to score, and the betting has all the prerequisites to go, there is no pleasure from such an outcome.

Strategy for individual totals

Very popular among bettors strategy of betting Рarimatch app on the individual total. It is suitable for fans of a particular player, closely following his career, the conduct of the game, prospects, the manifestation in each meeting. Deciding to make an individual bet, take into account such nuances as the player's physical state at the moment (it is possible that he is just recovering from an injury and will not be able to show his full worth), moral, relationships in the team, family conflicts, etc. This can have an adverse effect on his game and not meet your expectations.