Most users fail to make money on this type of betting for the simple reason that they don't fully understand it. If you have made your coupon and you get a different winnings value than you expected, reread this lesson again. If you still don't get it, ask a question in the comments. Use calculators, don't try to do the calculation by hand, it will take too much time (for example, manually making the table at the beginning can take hours).

Remember that a client who makes a bet without understanding what they are betting on is bound to be at a disadvantage over the distance. He may be able to win one or more times by chance, but then he will still lose his money. It is necessary to set an acceptable limit in advance (usually 3-5% of the bank) and not to exceed it.

Where to bet

It is equally important to choose a bookmaker's office, which will always have suitable bets. It will be quite inconvenient to look for options in new BKs, because you have to register in them, and this is not a very fast process, you may not have time to make a bet. We recommend to use our bookmaker rating. In terms of the lineup, parimatch bet are quite good.

Is it worth to bet

It is your choice whether to bet or not. Only you will be responsible for it. In any case, you need to know the sport and events on which you are going to bet. It is even more important to know how to calculate the system. This tutorial should help you do just that.

When is the best time to bet

Bet when you are completely confident in your choice. That is, you have made a thorough analysis, provided evidence of the validity of the prediction, double-checked the finished slip again (in case you selected the wrong dimension or event). Only after that you can enter the amount and confirm the bet.

When it is better not to bet

If you have not managed to understand the principles of calculation, do not worry. The system in general is not given to every bettor. Some bet on it without calculating and understanding the principle of operation. It is better not to do so, because at a distance it will lead to a loss.