We selected several favorite films of different genres. We have created a subjective rating of films with interesting, beautiful and funny stories. Check out our list and find some good movies ideally suitable for quiet evenings.

1. Avenger

The calm life of the hero comes the end - Doni knocks the car of local gangsters, right in his eyes. Later, the mother of the boy tells that pirates come every month and take the girls and money. People give them everything, otherwise death. Ryan promises to free the captive children. As it turned out, the gangsters are closely related to the hated enemy from the past. Killer will have to remember the former times. Avenger enters into battle.

2. Looking for mom 2: new adventures

Daniyar and Alia decided to get married, but not all relatives supported them. The elder brother of the girl, Murat, is ready to go to everything to prevent in love become her husband and wife. He pretends heavily sick, and convincesses close - only foreign doctors will cure him. Relatives put Daniyar ultimatum until Murat is sick of the wedding will not take place. For a medical examination, the guys go to Turkey, there is a bridegroom to persuade the bride's brother to support the wedding. In return, Murat wants to see his idol, the star of the Turkish TV series. What is ready to go in love with sake of his happiness, and is there is the limit of the trick of her older brother, the viewer will know from the film "In Search of Mom".

3. Gold Flynna

The film tells about the adventurous life of a young hero in Australia before he became a famous actor. The glory of this hero spread beyond the limits of cinema. Since the hero was an adventurer, gold descendant, hearty and star. However, the adventures were dangerous. This hero fell in love for being a legend, hearty, adventurer and star. The main character prefers to live alone, constantly falling into different situations. The main character gets a map that, in his opinion, can help find an ancient gold. He convinces people to accompany him along the coast of Australia. Next, this company is stealing a yacht from Chinese smugglers. After this case, smugglers chasing the main hero and his company.

4. Club of lovers of books and pies from potato cleaning

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