Progress dictates our conditions. Many betting sites have appeared on the Internet, where you can bet on sports. The number of such sites is increasing rapidly. Parimatch office in India spends a lot of money on advertising, which describes its advantages in relation to other bookmakers.

How does the support work?

When working with bookmakers, people have questions related directly to the work of the bookmaker, the lines and types of bets, options for withdrawing or depositing money, delays, the rules of calculation, etc. And to the player's surprise, quite often it is absolutely unclear where and to whom to ask questions.

Thus, the first possible problem of working with the support service of a bookmaker's office - it is not clear where the contact details are located.

Good technical support should answer all your questions in a clear and concise form and advise on all points of interest.

In good betting shops it is very easy to contact the support team. Most betting shops provide feedback via e-mail, skype, icq or phone. If you want to talk to a technical service worker of a bookmaker's office in person, you should call the number listed on the website.

Often the contact details (phone numbers, e-mail, etc.) are placed at the bottom of the site, or in the sections "About", "Additional information", "Contact", "Feedback", "Contact us". There you can also find the working hours of the technical support.

The answer from the support service can come within 1-5 days from the time of filing. The speed of response depends on the quality of the support team, as well as the number of requests processed. If you are not satisfied with the level of service, it is worth to inform the administrator.

For your question to be considered as soon as possible, you should write correctly. In the header of the letter you should specify the subject of the problem. The description should clearly state what the problem is. Also specify your login on the site, fill in all the required forms, type your email.

And, of course, be polite, because there are people talking to you, too.