In fact, in Indian -speaking online casinos, but also in Europe as a whole, there is a bonus that will delight you, especially if you were born today, it is the no-deposit birthday casino bonus. The casino is usually quite generous and for this special day, it will participate in the party by offering you a free bonus, yes, you read correctly, a no deposit bonus that will allow you to have fun playing your favorite games.

In order to get this bonus, you must of course have filled out the registration form correctly, that means without omitting your date of birth, because otherwise, the casino could deny you this bonus. Yes, there is a certain amount of control around this bonus because otherwise, you can imagine that there would be abuse. Some people would certainly be born every day. We even know of some casinos that, when a player comes to claim the birthday bonus, require that same player to send in a copy of his or her ID card, just to be 100% sure that you are telling the truth. This may seem harsh to you, but they have to, otherwise they would just be giving out birthday bonuses!

The special thing about this bonus is that unlike the others that are offered to you, this one often has to be claimed. Some casinos are starting to change this and send emails on a birthday, but this is still rare.

Did you know that in some cultures far from ours, when it's your birthday, you are not allowed to work. Everyone is there to take care of you, you are in a way the king or queen of the day. And even if your partner, husband, wife, etc., tries to reproduce this, you can be sure that it will always be worse than in these cultures. In any case, we hope that you have an enjoyable birthday with your friends and family and that you are in a good mood on your special day.

The amount of the birthday bonus varies greatly from one online 4rabet online to another, so it is impossible for us to give you a basic amount. However, we know that casinos are not stingy and that when it comes to pleasing their players, they go all out. You can therefore count on €50, or even €100 for the most generous, enough to play some great games of slots, roulette or any other game you like.

Important to know the software used by the casinos you like

When you go looking for an online casino, you know that you are going to have a lot of choices, including dozens and dozens of online casinos. The trick here is to know the publishers by heart. By studying them, you will know which ones you like for this or that reason, and which ones you don't like so much. The fact that there are only about ten software publishers for a hundred online casinos makes it easier to know which publisher you prefer and to choose a casino from among the establishments that use the services of that publisher. It will save you time, that's for sure.

Read our professional reviews carefully

When you read our reviews, try to pay special attention to them because what you might not know is that they are made by professionals, journalists specialized in gaming. So, you will have an almost perfect analysis in front of you, so you will find important information that will help you make your choice. Of course, it is important to know that each journalist has his or her own preference, even if the goal is to remain completely objective. In any case, before trying out the games we put up on our site, you should read these reviews so you know what to expect.

Once again, we repeat, in order to make your choice, you should absolutely have read all the reviews. Only then will you have the information you need to judge the capabilities of a software and game publisher. If you need additional information, then you should simply ask us for it because what will help you will certainly help other players looking for information.