Since the Soviet times, a sustainable opinion was developed that it was the coat performed from mink fur that is a benchmark, a classic option, and a lady cracked into an elite fur is the owner of an impeccable taste.

Beautiful, elegant, pleasant tactile and visual mink fur attracts many beautiful ladies. Since the times of Soviet, a woman in which the mink coat or manto is banging was considered the owner of an impeccable taste. It is the mink that is a status fur.

From the fur of a mink sew today coats of various styles: Manto Automoleda, elongated models for special cold weather, to a knee with a cozy hooded, spacious, in figure and others. Movita and capes are made of mink, which are attributes of evening outfits, at the peak of fashion vests of various croes with a hood and without.

How to choose high-quality fur

- When choosing a product made of fur, minks first should be repelled from tactile sensations. Fur to the touch should be pleasant, soft enough, but not too like a rolling skin, from which most often perform fakes under the mink.

- Definitely fur should not climb, so you can twist the product a couple of times.

- However, these two signs are not a guarantee of product quality. It is necessary to inspect the skin with an inside. Mezder is the reverse side of the fur, characterized by elasticity, durability, thickness and color. High-quality mink coats have an indiscriminate lining, which is a good tone in the manufacture of top fur clothing, so the back side of the fur can be easily inspecting. The moment the correct should be durable, but elastic and quite thick, without cracks and chances, somewhat rough, do not resemble the structure, but to be more loose. Motor of natural, not toned mink fur has a beige shade.

- Many when choosing a fur coat pay attention to the shine of fur, considering it determining quality. Therefore, the sellers go to the cunning, giving the fur of a low quality artificial brilliance, for example, rubbing it with chopped walnut or staining it with ordinary hair paint. Therefore, the gloss of fur cannot become a determining characteristic of product quality.

- Fur pile should be elastic, the same in thickness and length for all the product, not slipping and after a mechanical change in the direction return to its original position.

- The skin should not have an unpleasant smell, for example, rottenness or worse than rottenness.

- Special attention should be paid to the seams, and especially on the sleeves and runts. They must be smooth and strong, not pricked, but stitched.

How to try on a fur coat

Fitting the fur coats should be long and continued at least five minutes. By selecting the model younger, you should not buy it right away. It is better to return to the store for another day, try the product again and only then make a final decision. 1xBet currently has a Curacao license and have proved themselves to be a trustworthy and legal online betting site in jurisdictions around the world. Players in India can use this code when opening your account to get a bonus of up to ₹10,400 or $/€130. 1xBet Promo Code India gets players an extra 30% bonus, with a 130% deposit bonus available when registering. Create your new account by completing the registration form. You will need to select your country - India - and currency ₹ 1xbet is a trusted firm that will pay you out if you win.