At present, washing is not a particularly burdensome duty. Automatic washing machines and effective detergents make clothing care and home textiles very light. However, if you take care of the durability of clothing and its colors, you need to follow a few simple rules. The most important of them concerns the separation of materials by type and color. Do not wash white and colored fabrics together. How to wash white fabrics?
Carefully! According to the basic rule of washing, white and colored fabrics should be washed separately. Color materials are painted in various ways, some of which are not durable. Surely you someday noticed that clothing “releases” the color when washing or even during socks. If you throw bright fabrics into the washing machine along with light clothes, with white you can say goodbye. White fabrics can become yellow or gray at very high temperatures. Therefore, the labels often contain information about the maximum washing temperature, which should not exceed 30 ° C. This advice cannot be ignored. And since the effectiveness of most washing powders increases with an increase in water temperature, special detergents must be used to wash white things. Otherwise, there may be problems with removing persistent pollution. What is the powder?
Each detergent is a mixture of substances with cleaning properties: surface-active substances and enzymes that dissolve the spots and support the process of their separation from fiber fibers. The composition of powders and liquids also includes fragrances, fillers and bleach. The effectiveness of the detergent depends on the type and proportions of the ingredients used. Manufacturers use different recipes to create drugs for various purposes. There are more whitening substances in powders and bleach, as well as additives that increase the efficiency of washing at low temperatures. The use of such drugs for washing colored tissues leads to their fading. Therefore, washing powders should always be used for its intended purpose. The intake in the market washing powders differ in quality depending on their composition. Different brands of detergents also differ in price, but buying cheaper powder, you will not always save. Cheaper washing powders are usually less effective. Why? Because instead of detergents, manufacturers add substances to increase weight. So if you do not want to overpay for the powder, make purchases in decent chemistry stores. The fact that products intended for the market of our Western neighbors are better, no secret to anyone. Fizz slots