Bookmaker's offices parimatch mirror link are no longer associated only with betting on sports. Today, almost any betting company has a fairly large list of events that are not related to sports. It is possible to find offers for betting on the weather, politics, television shows and other socially significant events.

An example of a non-sports bet

Even with the fact that many BCs have a line of bets on non-sporting events, it is impossible to call them popular. The total volume of such bets on average is no more than 1%. But at the same time, bookmakers use them as advertising to attract new players.

Among the non-sports betting a special place belongs to betting on the movie industry. Who will be the new James Bond? Who will win the Oscar, the Golden Globe, etc. Odds can be found in a wide variety, they often go above 2.0-3.0.

Also gaining popularity bets on the performance of YouTube channels. How many views the next video will gather, when it will be published, etc. The same goes for social media. What's the next content the star will post on his Instagram? Who will be the first to announce the birth of a baby? And all sorts of other options.

Of course, you can also find bets on politics. Bookmakers suggest betting that North and South Korea will unite into one state before 2024. The odds on that are quite high at 3.0.

Also traditionally one can bet on the winner of the presidential elections, the results of referendums, etc.

Peculiarities of non-sports betting

  • high odds;
  • Not suitable for regular betting;
  • interesting offers often occur.

Bottom line

Non-sports betting is a good reason to have fun and take a break from the serious game. Such bets can have a long-term nature, that is, sometimes you have to wait for the outcome for more than a month or even more than a year.