Tourists do not frighten the severity of Muslim laws - they are also laws to violate them, especially, in open countries open for travelers, no hand is practiced. The terrorist attacks and Islamic radicals, of course, are afraid, but the desire to bump eastern exotics outweighs. Moreover, Russians go to the region - the relative ease of obtaining a visa with interest compensates for them all possible hazards. Finally, where else can you have for comparable money to get a little sea and the sun in the midst of our winter?

Next follows the Asia-Pacific region, with an increase of 10 percent and Africa - 8 percent. China is confidently becoming a new leader in the tourist market. Western experts believe that no later than 2008, it will become one of the three most popular states from foreign travelers. If you forget about our shopping tourists, it is then riding to China to touch another civilization, before closed and mysterious, and today it's threatening to overtake the advanced countries of the West. And for the treatment. Many people consider Chinese medicine almost the best in the world.

Black Continent has so far been for TERRA INCOGNITA travelers - the lack of service and fear of tropical diseases have affected. Egypt did not take into account - according to ideology and mentality, he historically he is more likely to the Sinai Peninsula and "takes" cheap beach tourism. But the exotic Africa is beginning to master it gradually. First of all, for the sake of enjoying wildlife, which is still in prior view here. In second place, travelers are interested in the culture and life of African peoples, many of whom still retained their originality. There are also monuments of ancient African civilizations. But, of course, to go to Africa, you need to be a rather secured person - comfort there is rarity, therefore it costs expensive. Perhaps it is why so far there are more tourists from the US or Europe, rather than Russians.

Well, since the money went about money, let's talk about travel spending, or rather, about the selling budget of Russians. Most of us, unfortunately, are limited in funds. According to a recent study of the WTCIOM, no more than 10% of Russians last year went to the sea, of which the "lion's share" accounted for "our" Crimea and our Caucasus without quotes. Outside the former USSR, no more than 3 percent of citizens rested. The cost of rest per person was rarely exceeded 10 thousand rubles. But this is only official statistics. If you have a survey among the Internet audience, where the sample of "away" is better, it turns out that people are on average are ready to spend on holiday no more than one month income, or 1-1.5 thousand dollars in two weeks. For such money, of course, you can only get Turkey, at best, travel by economy class in Europe. And any Africa is better not to dream if, of course, you want to relax, like a white person. あなたはオンラインゲームのことをすべて知っていると思っていますが、 http://ボンズカジノ.net これまでで最高のサイト、ゲームをしてお金を稼ぎ、フリースピンを獲得し、ただくつろぐだけのサイトのことを、あなたは少しも知らないと私は言います。このサイトは、たくさんのお金を稼ぎたい人にとって、本当の贈り物です。