Pfungstadt confidently defends its championship title

The men's indoor championship in Hagen ended as expected by many fistball connoisseurs: After 39 sets played in total over the weekend and 752 points scored, the old champion is also the new one: In the final, TSV Pfungstadt defeated the DM host TSV Hagen clearly with 3:0 sets.

With the duel of the serial champion of the last years and the furiously playing host, the perfectly organized DM finals of Hagen got a worthy final. Pfungstadt and Hagen already met the day before in the preliminary round - there the Westphalians could take the only set of the tournament from the Hessians.


The opening of the final went clearly to the top favorite: 5:0 after only a few rallies. It continues like this: 7:0, time-out Hagen, 9:0 - only then does TSV 1860 score the first point with an ace by Philip Hofmann. The set is lost, of course: Patrick Thomas with the 10:3 and a little later the 11:4, reported

The second set also started with advantages for Pfungstadt. The TSV leads 4:1, and with Thomas' powerful attacks he even shoots the glasses off the nose of a spectator in the audience. Overall, however, it remains more exciting: Florian Kutscher and Philip Hofmann reduce the score to 5:6. The spectators now see above all a duel between the main attackers Thomas and Kutschke. Again and again, the non-National player from Hagen serves as strongly as his World Champion counterpart. Then the player from Pfungstadt hits the gap in Hagen's defense and gets three set points. Pfungstadt's Dennis Gruber misses the first, Hagen's Kutschke the second - 11:8 and 2:0 for the defending champion from Hesse.

Hagen's Leo Eckerle provides the scene of the third set when he easily catches a Thomas grenade shortly after the restart. The match is going on again with slight advantages for Pfungstadt. The world's best team for over ten years The team, which has been the best in the world for more than ten years, always gives the impression of being able to go one better. Hagen is able to equalize at 4:4, but plays clearly at the upper limit and therefore very risky. At 4:7, Hagen tries again with new personnel: Kevin Braatz, Ole Schachtsiek and Florian Sträßer get their playing time in the final. But this does not change the result: Patrick Thomas bounces to 10:4 and six match points. The second one is used by the South Hessians - Kutschke hits a Hagen attack far out of bounds.


Curious picture directly after the end of the match: While Pfungstadt celebrates the renewed title rather soberly, the Hageners celebrate their silver medal in a loud cheering circle - and with a "Humba" in front of their own supporters.