Roofing materials for coating houses are very much and all different. Everyone has advantages, disadvantages, as well as their own scope. So what is the runneroid and what differs from other roofing materials?

Ruberoid refers to roofing materials stored in rolls. Of course, as many other materials from this group are covered with oil solutions.


The manufacturing process is separated into several stages. First of all, the cardboard is impregnated with oil composition, the softening temperature of which is not very high, about forty degrees. After that, on both sides, the cardboard is coated with oil-based solution, the softening temperature of which is higher and is approximately 80 degrees, the composition also includes a filler from mineral components.

Racing is applied to the front part of the rubberoid. As a protective spript, various materials are used, such as asbestos, talc, clay or, most often, sand. As a result, it turns out a multi-layer material for work, if we talk about layers, it is necessary to start with the basics, on both sides there are coating layers consisting of an oil solution and mineral filler, the lower and outer layers, which include the sprinkle. As the basis use roll cardboard. However, there is a classification, the main difference in which is the density of the cardboard. Roofing runner includes cardboard with higher density than a lining regteroid.

Views of Ruberoid

Ruberoid has several generations and species. We will talk only about the main. The first to popularity is the most common runneroid. The second place is given to the Rublestum - this is the same ruberoid, but in contrast to the usual contains more oil solutions in the field of the lower surface of the cardboard. The third place is occupied by glassberoid, here as the basis is not used as an ordinary cardboard, but fiberglass.

How to choose a runneroid? First you need to decide on the benefits and disadvantages of the runneroid. The powerful parties include the ability to bend in different directions, as well as durability. Some components in the composition of the material ensure resistance to cracks and to the effects of external, temperature factors. Unfortunately, the area of ​​application of the runneroid is very limited, it is used to cover the roofs, with an inclination angle not exceeding 25%, but not less than 15%. Everything you need to know about casino sign up bonus no deposit collected on our website in one place