If you have not cleared the room before entering, you need to destroy enemies inside.

Then head to the south to the tram stop (nov11-b) and use it to get to the Rift station.

7.4 Rift Station and Hot Laboratories
7.4.0. Cards

Legend (November 12map):

1. Quarantine laboratory

2. Ercs Guard

3. Khan Oll

4. Matriarch Benezia

A. To the main level of the fault station -> (nov13-c)

B. Before the tram stop

C. In hot laboratories

D. To the main level of fault station -> (nov13-a)

E. To the main level of the fault station -> (Nov13-B)

Legend (Map November 13):

1. Captain Ventralis

2. Alesia Yallis

3. Dr. Palon

4. Security

5. Guards barracks

S. Store

A. On the lower level of the fault station -> (Nov12-D)

B. on the lower level of the fault station -> (Nov12-E)

C. On the lower level of the fault station -> (Nov12-A)

D. Dr. Zev Cohen

7.4.1. Meeting with Benezia

Coming out of the tram, move north until you reach two pairs of doors. The one leads to the north will be closed, so go to the west. Soon you will reach another pair of doors. Choose the one that leads to a higher level (NOV12). So you will get to the fault station.

Coming out of the elevator, you will soon meet the captain of Vatorhulis (NOV13-1). Talk to him to learn about the station, and use the belief to get information about security systems. Offer him your help. He will give you an activation card in a hot laboratory (NOV12-C). After talking to the post they will attack the enemies. Get rid of them and continue on.

Go to the central room where you will find survivors. There you will meet with Alesia Yallis, Medicom (November 13-2), doctor. Palon (November 13-3) and Pethodi Trader (November 13-3). Nice to talk to everyone to learn more about the situation.

Dr. Paleon (NOV13-3) will tell you what you should talk to the doctor. Cohen and Khan Oll, the only survivor after the accident in the laboratory.

Tip 2! You can pass the steps described in the next part of this paragraph, and break into the protected part of the complex (NOV13-4) through the door in the north-west. Climb the elevator (NOV13-C) to get to Benezia. This action will be directed against Ventralis, so you will need to fight the guards inside. This decision will not give you so many points as the fulfillment of the request of Dr. Cohen. It is also not recommended if you play for the sample. If you decide to do this, then after leaving the elevator, head to the laboratory in the south. There you will find Benezia (more in 7.4.2. Benezia's mother). Fizzslots