Before making a bet, understand the basic concepts and terms operated by the bookmaker 1win. The bookmaker's line consists not only of such simple positions as the victory of one of the teams, a draw or the total more / less. There are also a huge number of other bets where various pitfalls can hide for the novice player: if you don't get into it and just experiment without the right knowledge, it can lead to bitter disappointment.

For example, bookmakers also offer clients different types of handicaps (Asian/European), which are calculated differently, and you should know about that in advance. A catch can wait and in betting on match statistics: different bookmakers can calculate such bets according to different sources, and for the beginner it does not always end favorably.

To avoid having to learn from your mistakes, it is recommended to take the time to learn, carefully study the rules of betting and the possible nuances that may arise when calculating the bet. The odds offered by the bookmaker are also important: it is very important for the player to avoid betting on overrated outcomes, because such bets will be unprofitable at a distance. As a rule, the favorites are overestimated, but this is not always the case. Understanding the correctness of the event estimation will come only with experience, but it is necessary to remember about it from the first bet.

What must be studied before placing a bet?

  • General information - the section that a beginner should read first.
  • Types of sports - separate articles describing the main features of betting on various sports.
  • Betting types - materials that will help you to understand what exactly offers the bookmaker to bet, and how such a bet will be calculated.
  • Strategies - materials about popular betting strategies, pros and cons of each.