For today's day, the glass partition in the shower is not a luxury, but a simple and ingenious solution. Instead of clumsy typical cabins made of plastic, sorry space, a shower room, equipped with glass partitions, has comfortable. In addition to physical pleasure, you get the pleasure of aesthetic, as the elements of the equipment create a unique design, which, if desired, can be changed over time. The flight of fantasy when installing the partition is not limited.

Color backlight, small swimming pool, "top tropical shower", - All this can be placed on the place where there was an ordinary cast-iron bath. Let even she were ceramic.

It is important to understand that the assembly and installation of the glass partition is carried out only after plumbing and other installation works are completed. The necessary communications are connected, plums, hood and base are installed.

It is even more important to do everything competently from the first time, and for this you need to understand and check the following:

- the room should be the right form;

- Natural water flow should be placed in it;

- There should be no electrical communications and heating pipes at the site of the partition.

In the glass partition there is no tightly closing door. And so that water splashes do not fall on the floor of the bathroom. It is recommended to use glass curtains. If the curtains are transparent, then the room will seem spacious. Fabric curtains give the reverse effect. In addition, the glass curtains are much more beautiful.

What are the advantages of glass shower partitions?

- High loads with tempered glass are not scary. It is almost impossible to damage or break the design. The bearing design of aluminum closes the sash tightly;

- increased humidity, temperature differences, mold, fungus, and other microorganisms of this design are not scary;

- Long service life. Exchangeable quality fittings, and the replacement of structural elements occurs quite rarely;

- pleasing eye beauty. Glass creates a useful illusion of the increase in the area of ​​the bathroom and looks very beautiful on this small space.

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