What are TB and TM in bets: everything about these types of bets

Modern betting is interesting for online users with a large selection of bets. Bookmaker companies place lines for thousands of matches a day, each of which has an average of 100-150 different events in the list. Often, you can see whole columns of markets in it with the designations of TB and TM. In this article, we will understand what TB and TM mean in sports betting, we will talk about the types of performance bets and explain the meaning of the best strategies for playing these events.

TB concept

TB stands for total more. Bets on a certain indicator are hidden under this abbreviation in the list. In sports, this can be goals, pucks, points, games, sets, statistics, etc.

In other words, betting on TB is a variant of the game for high performance in a specific area. For example, in the bookmaker's list you find a special tab with corners and see the outcome of TB 9.5. This means that if you bet on this event, then for the bet to pass, the opponents in the match must file at least 10 corners.

TB is directly related to all components of the game that can be calculated. Therefore, this type of bet on total is very popular among players - after all, you can bet not only on standard goals, but also on other interesting things - yellow cards, rebounds, fouls, etc. Several dozen strategies are associated with this event, but not every one gives a good one profit dafabet apk. We will discuss some of them below.

What is TM

TM is the total less, the rate is the opposite of TB. A pair of TB and TM are mutually exclusive markets if we talk about one set value.

That is, TB 2.5 and TM 2.5 are mutually exclusive events, but TB 1.5 and TM 2.5 are not, since in one match two such markets can become winning. According to statistics, bets on TM are less popular among bettors in comparison with the game for high performance. Such totals are found in all sports.

TB and TM in different sports

In any sport, performance betting has a single meaning - to bet on fewer goals or more. The difference between the types of competitions is only in quantitative terms. For example, in football the totals are the lowest, because the performance is low - the average is kept at 2.5. In hockey, a little higher - the standard bar is at the level of 4.5-5 pucks.

Tennis takes the middle position in the performance rating. Despite the fact that the matches are held in different formats - up to two victories in games or up to three, this does not have a strong impact on the performance. Next, in terms of performance, handball goes up the ranking, then volleyball. The highest totals in basketball games - the average bar in Europe is 165 points, and in the USA - about 205 points. In every sport, when making a bet on TM or TB, you should rely on your knowledge and team statistics - on the current form and face-to-face confrontations.