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Banking, like the entire financial industry, is in a state of flux. Only banks that are able to identify current trends will be able to meet customer expectations in the future.

In eight chapters, the Trends in Banking meta-study analyzes the environment and developments in which credit institutions must survive today. In doing so, it shows how traditional topics of the financial sector can be positively substantiated by new opportunities. In particular, the study provides information on relevant topics in the fintech industry. The experts at USEEDS° have evaluated numerous surveys and studies in cooperation with From this information, they compile a platform of interest to employees and customers alike.

With the meta-study, topics are uncovered that simultaneously illuminate risks and opportunities for banks as well as offer answers, questions, products and new solutions. The following article provides a summary of the individual research topics and results. Detailed information on the sub-areas can be found here.

Banking is becoming increasingly digital and individualized

For customers, this development means that they benefit from new types of financial products. Consumers can increasingly use integrated banking services that bring together different accounts, investments and other forms of finance. Digitization is causing communication to take place to an even greater extent via voice-controlled electronic systems.

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1. customer experience - customer loyalty and brand loyalty as decisive competitive advantages.

Today, financial service providers differ less in terms of their product portfolios than in terms of their relationship with the customer. Only banks that succeed in building a stable and emotional bond with consumers can rely on their loyalty. Consumers have numerous experiences with a bank that shape their attitude toward the credit institution. If this customer experience is continuously perceived positively, a sustainable and long-term customer loyalty is created.

2 The Internet of Things as a prerequisite for innovative banking

More than in almost any other industry, financial service providers are facing the major challenge of using digitization for modernization measures without losing direct customer contact. Today, the provision of standard services is largely done by machine. This makes it all the more important to make individual advice on special banking transactions personal and convincing. This does not necessarily require the customer to visit a branch: advisors can also establish intensive contact, which is experienced as positive, by telephone or via chat. Conversational design in the form of intelligent voice control software takes over a large part of the communication. As computer-assisted dialog systems, "thinking" chatbots open up new possibilities for consulting.