In the baked form, the meatball is even tastier and appetizing than in the usual boiled. Do not believe? Then you just need to try to prepare them in our recipe. Make it very and very simple.

1 chicken egg;
120 gr. sliced ​​bacon;
400 gr. minced chicken meat;
1 slicker garlic medium sizes;
3 Slice of white bread;
1 tbsp. l. olive oil;
1/3 cup of milk;
3 tablespoons of finely chopped fresh parsley;
1 Little head of the onion bows;
2 tbsp. Tomato paste.
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For a start, we take a lattice baking tray or just a grid for a brass cabinet, put it on one of the upper levels and turn on the oven, setting the temperature to 200 C. It is better to do it a bit in advance so that it is not time to spend time, waiting when the oven warms up.
White soft bread put in a small bowl, and fill it with milk. Leave the bread to wet about four to five minutes.
Bacon will need to finely cut, put in a frying pan and fry in such a way that it acquires a characteristic brownish tint and became crispy. It is not necessary to add oil, because bacon will be quickly paid fat.
Podged bacon shimmer lay out on paper towels. This is necessary in order for the entire unnecessary excess fat.
Put a finely chopped onion into the pan with a fat, spray and pepper. Salt and pepper you will need about half a teaspoon. No more. In order for the dish more fragrant, it is desirable to use just filling black pepper.
When the bow becomes soft and golden, add a finely chopped or missed garlic, mix it with a bow and hold one half minutes on the light. This time will be enough to appear the characteristic fragrance. Immediately after that, it is necessary to turn off the fire and put on the onions and garlic with spices.
In a large bowl, lay stuffing from chicken fillet, fried bacon, lean the egg, put a tomato paste, chuckled greens and, of course, our roasted fragrant bow, which we recently removed from the fire.
The bread needs to be slightly squeezed and also send to a bowl with minced meas. All together will need to mix very well.
From the finished minced meat, tack about twelve medes, which will need to evenly distribute the paper through the entire sheet of paper (you need to use for this purpose, naturally, a special parchment for baking).
A spoonful of tomato paste. Couple with olive oil, mix and lubricate the meatball sauce on top.
That's all - you can send meatballs into a preheated oven for about twenty minutes, then feed them hot to the table.
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