The AccuTherm Nozzle Heater is designed to fit the nozzle on zinc high pressure die casting machines.

nozzle heater

Heater consists of the following features:

  1. Standard voltage ratings are available from 120V to 277V. Wattage ratings to 600 Watts.
  2. Precision wound nickel / chromium resistance wire type “A” 80% nickel 20% chromium. Suitable for operating temperatures of 1180° C or 2150° F. Designed for the maximum wire size, helical coil pitch, and centering in magnesium oxide matrix. Resistance wire fusion welded to alloy terminal pins providing a 360 degree circumferential weld bead.
  3. Highest grade magnesium oxide with optimum compaction providing maximum electrical resistant properties coupled with excellent heat transfer characteristics.
  4. Above parts are encased in an Incoloy® 840 alloy tube. Tube is roll reduced to finished size and annealed for bending. Terminal ends of the element are over-sleeved to provide corrosion protection from the hot metal.
  5. Element is assembled into a machined steel cup. Inside diameter of cup is machined to close tolerances sized to fit your nozzle barrel. Standard unit will fit a 1.00″ diameter nozzle. Custom made units can be supplied for .750″ minimum to 1.125″ maximum nozzle diameter. Element is sealed into cup using a 677 degree C or 1250 degree F heat transfer cement. Ends of cup are welded with end disks providing a compact rugged assembly.
  6. A wide variety of terminal leads are available. Standard leads are MG1000 (450 Degree C) nickel clad copper conductors. Over sleeves of conduit or braided sleeving are available.
  7. Units are designed and tested to meet CSA, UL, CE, and NEMA standards.
  8. Also available with internal Type K thermocouple.
  9. Units are made in the USA.
  10. Standard unit delivery, 120V 500W for 1.00″ nozzle, with standard lead configuration, Stock to one week; contact factory for specials.