Basic types of bets on eSports

Let's take a look at the main types of bets that can be made in cybersport:

  • Outright (long-term bets). The peculiarity of the bet is that the odds on the victory of favorites are much lower than in traditional sports;
  • live bets. Wagers made directly at the time of the tournament event;
  • the outcome of the event. Here, too, there are many similarities with the usual types of betting. As a rule, the bet is made on P1, P2, X;
  • A bet with a handicap. Can be plus or minus. If one of the participants or teams has a clear advantage in a cybersport competition, it is possible to make a bet with a more favorable odds on the handicap - plus on the outsider and minus on the favorite;
  • total bets. Depend on the specific type of discipline. The odds in this case are also quite high, but this type of betting is recommended at the beginning of the competition.

Bets on DOTA 2

Dota 2 is a 5x5 team game. During the course of the competition, the map does not change. The final goal of the game is to destroy the opponent's throne. Bet on the outcome, total, a forum here are betting as in CS:GO. Betting on Dota 2:

  • total by frags (corpses);
  • one of the teams will win at least one map (bookmakers often underestimate the underdogs, and you can find attractive odds);
  • The duration of the card by time. This bet is not always available in the schedule, but if you have it, you can also catch high odds;
  • Who will be the first to destroy the tower. It is necessary to predict which team will be able to do it. The bet is difficult to predict in advance;
  • Who will be the first to kill Roshan (the monster). This bet is also essentially random;
  • first blood. Which of the participating teams will manage to carry out the first frag;
  • Even / odd number of frags.

Betting on FIFA

FIFA simulator saw the light of day in the early 90's. Now there are far more FIFA tournaments than there were a decade ago, and professional cyber athletes win awards.

FIFA was developed by EA Canada, and the game was unparalleled. The decisive division into two camps happened with the release of Pro Evolution Soccer, FIFA's main competitor. This game has its own advantages, but FIFA leads in the ratings and the number of tournaments. Day by day there are more and more professional players and more money prizes for the tournament winners. And the number of bets on FIFA increases along with it.

Let us have a look at the basic types of bets in this discipline:

  • event outcome. It takes into account the result of the main game time;
  • total. The total number of goals scored during the match. Can be total or individual. As in traditional soccer, it is possible to make a profitable bet on the total with a draw after the first half;
  • handicap. A plus handicap is placed on the outsiders, the minus handicap is placed on the favorites;
  • Other bets. As in conventional soccer betting, FIFA has bets on outcomes by halves, odd and even totals, "Both to Score" and so on.

Most of the betting in FIFA is done in live mode. Cumming happens very rarely, so don't count on unexpected turns of events. If the participant started the meeting powerfully, it is unlikely that the opponent will turn the game around.

Betting in FIFA differs by type of game. It can be: