Bore Heaters

AccuTherm offers custom design units to be used to supplement other heating systems.

1. Seamless Incoloy® 840 sheath material.

2. High purity MgO Powder, compacted to provide maximum heat conductivity and optimum dielectric


3. Type ‘A’ 80/20 resistance wire sized to provide the lowest wire watt density for maximum life. Precision

wound to provide even heat flux over length of element.

4. Fusion welded junction between cold pin & resistance wire giving superior life.

5. Bends re-compacted to restore MgO density in bend areas on formed units.

6. Heavy duty stainless steel supports.

7. Elements are individually replaceable.

8. High temperature bussing and leadwires.

9. Flexible conduit with plug and receptacle.

10. Handles provided to facilitate positioning in bore.

11. Terminal enclosure of heavy gauge steel.


AccuTherm Container Bore Heaters are used to accelerate container heat-up. They are used to reduce

start-up time at the beginning of the shift, and to regain operating temperature more rapidly between


See the product here.

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