• Bore Heaters

    AccuTherm offers custom design units to be used to supplement other heating systems.

  • Container Heating

    If the container holder is not of the design to allow the installation of heaters or if additional heat is required to supplement container holder heating system elements can be installed in the container.

    AccuTherm offers different designs for this application. Each design depends upon customer requirements and/or current method being used. The single ⅝” diameter unit with terminals at both ends is the most economical and efficient method of providing heat.

  • Container Holder Heating Systems

    AccuTherm can provide radiant heater systems designed to fit container holders of single piece or two piece construction. This method of container heating allows the changing of containers without disconnection of the heater system. Many gas fired units have been converted to the more efficient, more easily controlled electric heat.

Looking for a
heating solution?

Discuss your project in detail with one of our Application Engineers and they will provide a heating solution perfectly suited to the needs of your application, as well as your budget. Contact us today!

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