Container Holder Heating Systems

AccuTherm is a specialist in design, and manufacturing heating systems for the extrusion press industry. Our years of experience in this application enable us to provide long life performance in these difficult applications. Care is exercised to design each system to its maximum capacity, for the space available, with conservative watt densities coupled with the finest materials available. This combination gives superior life in these applications.

AccuTherm can provide radiant heater systems designed to fit container holders of single piece or two piece construction. This method of container heating allows the changing of containers without disconnection of the heater system. Many gas fired units have been converted to the more efficient, more easily controlled electric heat.

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Standard Features

Seamless Incoloy® 840 sheath material.

High purity MgO Powder, compacted to provide maximum heat conductivity and optimum dielectric strength.

Type ‘A’ 80/20 resistance wire sized to provide the lowest wire watt density for maximum life. Precision wound to provide even heat flux over length of element.

Fusion welded junction between cold pin/resistance wire giving superior life.

Bends recompacted to restore MgO density in bend areas on formed units.

Stainless steel mounting studs and nuts for high temperature service.

Ceramic fiber insulation for minimum heat loss.

Stainless steel heat reflectors to allow heat to be radiated into container and to reduce losses to the outside.

Stainless steel element supports which position the heater and allows elements to expand without distortion.

Ceramic element supports that electrically isolate each element. Allows thermal expansion without under abrading sheath.

Insulation/heat seal block at element ends. Reduces heat loss and provides for correct positioning of element ends.

High temperature interconnecting buss designed to each unit. Power connections are out of the heat zone giving more reliable performance.

Two piece heavy duty terminal housing allowing total access to power connections.

Flexible conduit, connection plugs and receptacles can be provided to your requirements.

Typical Installation

AccuTherm Container Holder Radiant Heaters, installed around the inside periphery of the container holder, direct radiant heat into the container.


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