Saturday, May 30, 2015

Plate Heaters

Accu-Therm plate heaters incorporate the efficient and safe characteristics of the metal sheathed electric tubular element with the even heat transfer properties of a flat surface emitter. They can be designed to fit various crucible configurations in various electrical ratings.They are clamped to the sides of cast iron crucibles keeping the metal at the required temperature for die casting machines.

Plate heater - die casting - mounted on cruciblePlate heaters have the following features:

  1. Standard voltage ratings are available from 120V to 480V. Wattage ratings designed not to exceed 20 watts per square inch of emitter surface.
  2. Precision wound nickel / chromium resistance wire type "A" 80% nickel 20% chromium. Suitable for operating temperatures of 1180 Degree C or 2150 Degree F. Designed for the maximum wire size, helical coil pitch, and centering in magnesium oxide matrix. Resistance wire fusion welded to alloy terminal pins providing a 360 degree circumferential weld bead.
  3. Highest grade magnesium oxide with optimum compaction providing maximum electrical resistant properties coupled with excellent heat transfer characteristics.
  4. Above parts are encased in a stainless steel type 304 alloy tube. Tube is impervious preventing gas and solids from penetrating into electrical insulation barriers.Tube is roll reduced to finished size and annealed for bending. All bending radii are recompacted to restore magnesium oxide density in bends.
  5. The tubular element is copper brazed to the stainless steel mounting plate providing excellent heat transfer from the element through the plate to the wall of the crucible. Plates are pre-drilled to your specification which provides a simple and efficient mounting method.
  6. Conservative sheath watt densities designed for long life.
  7. Various terminal configurations are available including threaded studs, plate terminals, or lead wire with and without stainless steel metal protection braid.
  8. The plate type heater provides longer life than the various strip heaters that are available. The flexibility of size and wattage configurations reduces the number of strip heaters required; therefore requiring fewer high temperature connection points.
  9. Tubular heaters can be supplied with long cold sections, which can allow the electrical field termination outside the heated zone.
  10. Surface mount thermocouples are available.
  11. Units are made in the USA.die casting plate heater


Our heaters are currently UL recognized, CSA compliant and CE approved. We are ASME and National Board certified for Section VIII Div 1 Pressure Vessel Welding.

Additionally, we have built heaters to Military standards for the Army, Navy, Coast Guard and DCSC. We have designed and built systems to Canadian pressure vessel codes CRN, ABSA & TSSA. We also meet certain NSF, NACE and API standards.

Registered Firm Mark UL RECOGNIZED FILE #L130401
Registered Firm Mark UL RECOGNIZED FILE #L130401