Heater Application: Power Generation

Power generation facilities present many applications for AccuTherm’s heaters.  Whether utilizing coal, natural gas, or renewable sources power generating facilities have many systems that require reliable electric heat to get their systems operating smoothly.

Choose AccuTherm for heaters suited to a variety of power generation heating applications.  The examples below are just a small sample of the heaters AccuTherm can supply.

Circulation Heaters

Circulation heaters are utilized to heat fuel oils and lubricating oils to keep critical systems ready to use in a moment’s notice.  They are used to superheat steam and to heat natural gas above its dew point for use in power generating turbines.

Duct Heaters

Duct heaters are used to heat the incoming combustion air to increase the system’s efficiency.  They are used with SCR or Selective Catalyst Reduction systems to help treat flue gases.  Duct heaters can be used to dry ash for handling and disposal.

Immersion Heaters

Immersion heaters are called upon in power generating facilities for many task including; lubricating and fuel oil heating, air/gas heating, water freeze protection and storage tank heating.  They offer pipe thread, pipe flange and over-the-side installation options in addition to several material types that can be matched to the application.

Controls and Control Panels

Every electric heater design must include some form of controls.  AccuTherm offers the most basic thermostats to the most sophisticated control system and can design a control system that best matches the requirements of your application.

Contact AccuTherm today to speak with one of our experts regarding your power generation application.  Please complete one of our Product Data Sheets and let us provide you with a heating solution tailor made to your application.

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