870 Series SCR Control Panel

The 870 Series SCR Control panel is a fully proportional process temperature control panel that utilizes SCR Power Controllers to modulate the entire heater load directly, varying the heater output from 0 to 100% of the total heater KW. Working on a four second time base, the heater will be energized only for the number of AC cycles necessary to produce the exact amount of heat required. The resulting precision control and rapid response make the 870 Series SCR Control Panel the best choice for applications that must accommodate material flow changes and still provide precise temperature control. The panel is completely assembled, pre-wired, tested, and ready for trouble-free installation and operation. Designed for use in industrial environments and outdoor installations.

Standard Construction Features

  • UL Listed/CSA Approved
  • NEMA 4/12 painted steel enclosure
  • PID self-tuning temperature controller (adjustable process temperature, with thermocouple input)
  • Over-temperature controller (adjustable temperature limit with thermocouple input)
  • Disconnecting 50 amp safety contactor for resistive loads (per circuit)
  • 120 VAC control power transformer with primary and secondary fusing
  • Power circuit fusing
  • Three-phase, zero cross-fired SCR power controllers
  • Door interlock disconnect switch
  • Manual reset pushbutton with built-in pilot light (red) for “OVER-TEMPERATURE” alarm
  • Selector Switch – ON/OFF with built-in pilot light (green) for “POWER ON” indication
  • Terminals for customer supplied remote interlock
  • Wiring diagram permanently affixed to the inside of the cover

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